What is content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing and Why You Need It?

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Content marketing is used to add uniqueness and set oneself apart from the competitors, but now it has become a vital necessity for the brands of today. 

When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, content marketing is the main core of highly successful campaigns. 

In order to truly connect with their audience, every successful brand has behind it a wealth of relevant and valuable content

However, one may still wonder, why exactly is content marketing important and how can it be used in their business? 

Keep reading to find out everything that one needs to know about content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing that mainly focuses on creating, producing, publishing, and then distributing the content for their target audience online. 

Businesses often use this marketing tactic in order to attract or grab attention, generate leads, increase their customer base, increase or generate their online sales, etc.

Content marketing is used to attract prospects and then transform those prospects into new customers through producing and sharing valuable and free content. 

Through this form of marketing, companies end up creating brand loyalty that’s sustainable, give the consumers valuable information, and generate a willingness to buy that company’s products in the future. 

Plus, this form of marketing doesn’t involve direct sales and instead it builds a connection and trust with the audience.

When businesses start to use content marketing, their ultimate focus needs to be on the needs of the prospect or the customer. 

Hence, once that business recognizes the needs of their customers, they can present the information of their product or service through various formats, such as a video, e-books, case studies, how-to guides, podcasts, Q&A articles, blogs, photos, e-mail newsletters, etc. 

The majority of these formats fit in the digital channel.

Furthermore, content marketing is the long-term strategy of today’s businesses, which mainly focuses on forming a strong relationship with their target audience.

This results in the customer making a purchase from your business, and their loyalty is with you. 

Meaning, instead of purchasing your competitor’s product or service, they prefer buying yours. 

Plus, as compared to one-off advertising, through content marketing you show your customers that you truly care about them. 

In today’s world, showing people that you care about them matters a lot to them. 

Since the world today has become a lot noisier and louder than before, attention has become the world’s most valuable resource.

9 Content Marketing Examples

It is vital to come up with creative marketing content for your audience, and think of fresh ideas in order to attract the new ones and keep the existing ones. 

This can be difficult to do, since we are only human and can run out of new ideas. 

Therefore, listed below are the content marketing examples that have been used by numerous brands that you can incorporate in your own business as well.

1) Get Your Audience To Join A Campaign

Making your audience join a campaign that is relevant to your brand will help in boosting your brand. 

This strategy is used in campaigns that are featured on well-known social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. 

User-generated content marketing is more effective with consumers than other forms of marketing since 55% of the consumers trust UGC (User-generated Content) a lot more.

Your customers can share fun anecdotes while they use your product or service. 

Often times, these stories are seen in the form of videos and image contents. 

All you need is a catchy hashtag in order to make this work for your campaign.

2) Listen To Your Target Audience

The comments, complaints, and suggestions of your audiences matters a lot when it comes to winning them over. 

Your business can take all of this feedback into consideration and use it to modify its content in order to reflect the feedback. 

This will greatly increase the engagement.

3) Use Different Kinds Of Tools

Using blogs as a tool to better your market strategy is a great idea. 

Through blogs, brands can enhance the efficiency of SEO plus it can also work as a platform where loyalty with customers can be established. 

You can use different marketing strategies in the blog, such as featuring blog posts that connect with the audiences or channel traffic from one website to another.

4) Grab The Audience’s Attention Through Personalization

Numerous businesses are using this technique in order to improve their business engagement these days, for instance, the ‘Share A Coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola. 

The concept of this campaign was mainly about writing common names on the drink’s bottle and urging their consumers to share that bottle of coke with a person whose name was printed on the bottle. 

This simple marketing tool turned into a global phenomenon, and everyone wanted to get their hands on a bottle that had their name on it.

5) Utilize High-Quality Images

High-resolution images radiate class and quality. 

This is a highly effective strategy that is used by a lot of the big brands, especially when it comes to campaigning on several social media platforms. 

In the social media world, high-quality imagery holds a lot of importance. 

That is why, almost 80% of the marketers are using visuals in their social marketing.

6) Tell A Captivating Story

Another highly popular content marketing trend is telling compelling stories

The people get attracted towards stories that are captivating and relatable. 

For instance, the tech company Microsoft knows how to make use of this marketing tactic. 

When a consumer visits their blog, they will instantly get immersed within the stories that range from the brand itself to its employees.

Hence, this helps in improving the connection a company has with their audiences. 

That is why, making content that resonates with the audiences is a great marketing strategy.

7) Utilize The Latest Trends From Pop Culture

Using trends from today’s pop culture is an excellent and creative marketing strategy.

However, you need to make sure that it appears as natural as possible and does not feel forced. 

For instance, Hootsuite used the popularity of the most-watched television show ‘Games Of Thrones’ and incorporated that into one of their videos and titled it ‘A Game Of Social Thrones.’

8) Talk About An Issue

Creating awareness about a certain issue that affects the general public can also be a highly effective method in order to market your content. 

For instance, Superdrug created awareness regarding body image issues by asking eighteen female designers from different countries to photoshop the picture of a model to suit their country’s standard perception of beauty. 

Each picture was massively different, hence this solidified the fact that an ideal body template does not exist. 

This story went viral and was published on numerous publications and social media websites. 

Within a short span of time, this story garnered more than three million views on its original post. 

9) Use Influencers To Promote Your Brand

Social media is the playground of these influencers who know how to control their audience. 

They’re great when it comes to breaking out new marketing campaigns on social media in order to create a buzz. 

For instance, the brand Olay used this marketing strategy in one of their campaign. 

They shared videos of nine female influencers on Instagram talking about the challenges they face every day. 

This resulted in a massive increase in their engagement on that social media platform.

Why Content Marketing?

Not everyone understands the benefits of content marketing when it comes to promoting your brand to new or even existing customers. 

Listed below are the reasons on why you should consider content marketing for your business or brand.

1) Improve The Reputation Of Your Brand By Creating Trust Through Content Marketing

Among the many great benefits of content marketing, one of them is to build a reputation by providing great content. 

The digital marketplace of today is getting busier day by day; hence it is crucial that businesses work towards building the trust of their leads and their customers. 

Having trust with your customers is going to help the business create a positive reputation for your brand. 

By providing great content, you build the trust of your leads and your customers. 

Hence, when your content is being read by these consumers, they will start to form an opinion regarding your brand. 

If they find that content to be engaging, valuable, and educational, then they are going to think similar things regarding your business. 

If you provide content with more value, the easier it will become to form that trust with your business’s target audience. 

2) Optimized Content Will Help To Improve Your SEO Efforts

How important content marketing is to your business depends upon the role of the content that is going to help your business build plus improve SEO (search engine optimization). 

When it comes to improving the visibility of your business online, SEO plays a vital role in it. 

In order to improve SEO, you would need to produce optimized content.

Even though more pages don’t really result in more traffic, but it does provide your brand with the opportunity to rank for a lot more keywords, like creating blogs based on different topics that are relevant to your business’s target audience. 

Plus, if your website has more content, the visitors are going to stay on your website for longer periods of time, hence positively impacting your SEO.

3) Content Helps Your Brand When It Comes To Showcasing The Expertise Of A Subject Matter

Consumers need to make sure that they’re dealing with people who know what they are doing when it comes to the industry. 

Through content marketing, your brand gets to show its expertise in their respective field by offering valuable knowledge, which helps the readers decide if they should buy your product or service or not.

Whenever you post a new blogpost, white paper, or any other type of content. 

You are showing the leads and the customers just how knowledgeable you are about the industry and know everything regarding the challenges that they are facing. 

Therefore, when it’s time to buy something, the customers are going to remember the brand that offered them the important information that they needed in order to understand all of their problems, the solutions, and other options much better.

4) Publish Great Content In Order To Build A Better Relationship With Your Customers

There’s no doubt that content marketing can help your business attract more customers and build better relationships with them in order to create a positive reputation of the brand. 

However, what happens to the customers who have purchased from you before? 

How can you make them come back to your brand instead of going to your competitors?

When it comes to small businesses, repeat customers are their bread and butter. 

Loyal customers tend to be worth a lot more and are an advantage for your business. 

Even when a lead turns into a customer, a business needs to keep providing great content. 

Continuously providing valuable content for your targeted customers is going to help in increasing the brand loyalty and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Hence, this results in repeat sales and helps a business create powerful brand advocates.

When it comes to the type of content that is best for creating brand relationships, there are many options out there. 

For instance, how-to videos or any other form of informative visual content will help your customers make full use of your product or service. 

The more value the customers get, the more they are likely to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing can help in allowing you to educate and connect your leads and your customers. 

Through content marketing, you end up building new relationships and form a trustful bond with your customers by providing them with relevant information that is going to help them.

The content that you are creating will showcase your message, inform and educate the readers, and convince them to buy your products/services instead of the competition. 

Therefore, offering high quality content is crucially important in order to attract clients and generate their interest in your business.

Yes, as long as it supports your business and marketing goals, then content marketing will alter the waves of your business greatly. 

There are numerous benefits of content marketing and to name a few:¨

1. It improves the reputation of your brand.
2. It helps in creating remarkable brand awareness.
3. The confidence of your current and potential clients gets improved.
4. You create a life-long relationship and form a trustworthy bond with your customers.
5. Since the customers trust your brand, they keep coming back.


In the end, if you truly want to experience the benefits of content marketing for your business then it is time to take action. 

You need to start working on creating a content marketing strategy and the main focus of that strategy should be your target audience.

By keeping the focus on your target audience, you are on your way to producing valuable content, which will help boost the number of new customers and improve the reputation of your brand.