What is Fiverr Pro and is it worth your money (1)

What is Fiverr Pro and is it worth your money

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We use freelancers to outsource many of the tasks that we need to be done for our business. They save us so much time throughout our day. This is the time that we can devote to other things because of their help. 

Entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know how to do every task needed, such as graphic design, website design, or logo design. Life is much easier for them if they hire freelancers who have the skills to do these things. 

The internet has a lot of good websites for purchasing freelance services. The only problem is knowing whether a particular freelancer truly possesses the skills they advertise. 

Reviews are a pretty good indicator, but they’re not always a guarantee of the freelancer’s professionalism and skill level. Fortunately, there is a new platform which guarantees their skill level. It is called Fiverr Pro.

You will learn more about Fiverr Pro as well as Fiverr in the sections below:

  • What is Fiverr?
  • What is Fiverr Pro?
  • How do I get a Fiverr Pro account upgrade?
  • What kind of projects are offered on Fiverr Pro?
  • What are the advantages of using Fiverr Pro?

What is Fiverr?

Let’s go over the basic Fiverr website first.

Fiverr is a large digital marketplace where freelancers sell their skills as a service to buyers. Marketers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs may want to purchase these services because they need to get a specific project done.

There are a lot of services available through the marketplace, such as writing, social media management, logo design, graphic design, and so on. The platform uses a rating system for judging sellers and their work. This allows prospective buyers to filter various sellers according to their reviews and star ratings. Buyers can also filter them by their delivery time, price range, file format, and the number of revisions allowed. 

How do you use Fiverr?

When you sign up for a Fiverr account, you need to provide your personal information to them. The registration process is around 4 pages long on your screen. You will enter your first name, last name, address, mobile phone number, home phone number, and email address. 

After the registration is complete, you can immediately get started with buying or selling services on Fiverr.

It is free for sellers to join. Whenever they sell their services, they must pay Fiverr a 20% commission on that sale. So, if a seller receives a $5 order, they will receive $4 in return.

If they receive a $10 order, they will receive $8 in return. You get the idea.

In situations where the buyer doesn’t like the service they’ve received, the situation can be handled through the resolution center of Fiverr. 

When a buyer is in the middle of purchasing services on Fiverr, they’re required to deposit money into their Fiverr account for the service they’re purchasing. The money doesn’t immediately go to the freelancer, though.

It is basically held as an escrow to give the seller reassurance that the buyer has the money for the purchase. Once the seller delivers the service and the buyer is happy with it, then the money will be released to the seller. 

When you select a service to purchase, it is recommended to compare the galleries, portfolios, ratings, and reviews of all the freelancers you come across. 

Sellers all set an estimated delivery time for when their work will be completed. After the service is delivered, the buyer can provide their review and rating of the seller’s work. 

Create Your Account

Overview of Fiverr Pro

It is free to register on Fiverr. You won’t need to take any skill tests like you would on Upwork or other freelance websites. Instead, you can begin selling your services right after you sign up on Fiverr. 

Because of this, there are a lot of low-quality services offered to people on Fiverr. That is why so many buyers end up disappointed with the outsourced services they receive. 

To prevent this kind of disappointment, buyers must be extremely cautious when they purchase the services of a freelancer. 

In response to this dilemma, Fiverr created a second platform called Fiverr Pro. It is an enhanced version of the first platform which is designed for business buyers and professional freelancers only. 

Fiverr Pro offers safer transactions, VIP treatment, order system efficiency, honest collaborations, and professional work and services. 

Freelancers can find more opportunities for themselves on Fiverr Pro as well. They can offer their skills and services to business buyers who have much bigger projects and are willing to pay more money for them.

Business buyers can find professional freelancers with a variety of different creative and technical skills.

How to Register for a Fiverr Pro Account

When you apply for a Fiverr Pro account, your application must be approved first. There are strict eligibility requirements that you must meet before your application is accepted. 

On the application, you must provide information about your professional background, education, and any notable projects you’ve accomplished. 

There are no signup fees here either. However, applicants are required to provide proof of their achievements and skills by showing some of the great projects they’ve worked on in the past. 

After Fiverr is finished reviewing your application, they will email you the results of their decision to accept or deny your application. 


Remember These Points

  • The vetting process of an application has no time limit
  • You cannot convert a regular Fiverr gig into a professional Fiverr gig
  • You cannot offer a regular Fiverr gig and a Professional Fiverr gig in the same category and subcategory. 

Advantages of Fiverr Pro

Business buyers are guaranteed to receive professional freelance services

Smooth ordering process without much hassle on either side

A professional customer support team is always available

If a problem occurs during an order, there are success managers available to resolve the problem immediately for the buyer and seller. 

You’ll know when you find a professional seller because their profile will have a unique badge on it. This makes buyers feel more confident about doing business with them.

Choosing the Best Fiverr Seller

1) Look at their reviews and ratings

When a project is finished, the buyer can leave a star rating and a written review of the seller’s work.

Prospective buyers can look at these reviews and ratings to get an idea of which sellers are trustworthy or not. 

The star rating system is comprised of three categories: one-time delivery, fast communication, and buyer experience. 

Sellers have different tier levels on Fiverr based on their ratings. These tiers are:


  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Top Seller

Level I and Level II are available to sellers who’ve successfully completed a certain number of orders for satisfied buyers. 

Fiverr handpicks Top Sellers based on a variety of strict requirements regarding the satisfaction and communication quality they provide to clients. 

2) Test Out Several Different Sellers

If you need help choosing a good seller, try to give a small project to several sellers in order to test their services. Then you can continue doing business with the seller who provides the best work. This may require a small investment, but it’ll pay off in the future when you have more work that needs to be done. 

3) Develop a long-term relationship with one seller

Fiverr sellers do a better job on projects when they’re working with the same buyers again and again. They may even get better at delivering their services this way.


Fiverr Pro gives sellers and buyers more professional opportunities. They can conduct business transactions that are hassle-free and with satisfactory results each time.

Buyers have several professional and trustworthy freelancers to choose from. They can be selected based on the buyer’s priorities, needs, and preferences.

It’s totally worth it, you just have to find a good seller so make sure to check the seller reviews and talk to them before ordering your gig.

Have you used Fiverr Pro yet? What were your experiences like?

Please share your experiences of using Fiverr Pro with us. If you have any questions about it, let us know.