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What Is Influencer Marketing And Why YOU Should Use It?

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Influencer marketing has now become a well-established form of marketing on the internet. 

It has started gaining popularity as it is often mentioned by the mainstream media, however there are still certain individuals who aren’t familiar with this form of marketing and don’t know what it is really about. 

Often times they hear the phrase ‘Influencer Marketing’ and wonder what all that really means.

Before we get into the details of influencer marketing, it is important to understand what type of people are considered as influencers and who really are they? 

Influencer marketing uses a combination of both old and the latest marketing tools. 

In this form of marketing, the idea of a celebrity endorsement is placed inside a modern content-driven marketing campaign. 

When it comes to influencer marketing, the main difference will be that the campaign’s results are collaborations between the brands and the influencers.

However, influencer marketing does not involve only celebrities, but instead it is more about the influencers. 

A lot of these influencers do not even think of themselves as being famous within an offline setting. 

So who exactly defines as an influencer? 

Well, an influencer is someone who:

  1. Has the talent of changing an individual’s purchasing decision just because of their knowledge, authority, relationship with their audience, or their position.

  2. Has a following for a specific niche and they actively engage with their followers. The number of their followers depends upon the size of their topic of that niche.

The traditional media often makes mistakes when it comes to recognizing the difference between online influencers and celebrities. 

Moreover, the influencers work hard in order to build a following that has loyal and enthusiastic followers. 

The audiences are not really following a brand, but instead, they are following the influencer who is promoting that brand. 

The influencer’s opinions regarding your brand are going to greatly affect the final decision of their followers. 

Therefore, do not try to impose rules and other business practices on the influencer.

They are the ones who are bringing in a loyal audience, and they can also easily walk away and that very audience will also be gone with them.

Furthermore, in influencer marketing, a brand collaborates with an online influencer in order to market one or more of its products or services.

Certain influencer marketing collaborations aren’t as tangible, and brands only want to work with the influencers in order to enhance their brand recognition.

Unlike celebrities, influencers can be found on any platform and they can also be anyone, for instance, a well-known photographer or videographer on Instagram, a popular marketing executive on a website like LinkedIn, or a cybersecurity blogger on Twitter.

It is their large following on social media and the web that makes them influential.

Every kind of industry has its own influential people and all you have to do is find them.

Some influencers have thousands or even millions of followers while others might just look like regular people, with less than 10,000 followers.

However, even the ones with a smaller following will be known as experts in the industry they are in.

These people are the go-to individuals that help provide the answers to whatever questions the people might have.

Depending on their expertise level, these people create engaging posts on their specific topics, share the best photos, create highly entertaining videos, and have informative and engaging online discussionssions.

The Importance Of Influencer Marketing

Influencers advertise companies in their own way using their own ideas and at the same time carry the message of the brand that they are representing. 

The smaller companies that do not have a big budget can showcase their product through unpaid influencer marketing. 

Plus, this looks a lot more genuine as compared to a paid advertisement. 

In this case, the company sends their product to the influencer and they get to test the product and then give their review about it. 

On the other hand, the more expensive brands make use of the paid influencer marketing, where they pay their influencer to showcase their product on their social media.

Throughout history, the top two media platforms were television and the newspapers, where brands used to advertise their products. 

However, as internet plus social media gained popularity, the advertising world got a new meaning. 

Nowadays, users get to decide which ad they want to see and which they don’t, hence this became an issue for the brands since users are able to easily block or skip their ad. Influencer marketing is the ultimate solution for this problem. 

Influencers have their own audience, including their attention as well, hence it is easy for them to gain their trust towards a brand. 

If the influencer loves a brand, then that brand will instantly gain tons of popularity thanks to the followers of that influencer.

Furthermore, influencers are responsible for taking care of the brand’s image and reputation. 

It is important to create quality content, especially for a brand that pays them a lot of money. 

A good influencer knows how to attract and also educate the brand’s target audience, or they collaborate with that brand in order to achieve all those targets and showcase the brand in a positive light. 

Their job is to make the campaign of that brand attractive enough in order to appeal to thousands of people and then those people share it with their family and friends, and a lot more audience gets introduced to that brand. 

In the past, people will discuss about a certain brand with their friends and family in order to get their opinion. 

However, times have truly changed, and now all an influencer or a brand has to do is post a question on their social network and it doesn’t take long to receive a lot of feedback regarding a product or service. 

Hence, this is why influencer marketing is gaining popularity day by day.

Moreover, when it comes to influencer marketing, one of the main goals is to spread the content, but to also create high quality content, or else the audience level starts falling down at a rapid rate. 

Nowadays, influencer marketing is known as one of the best forms of marketing, since both the timing and the audience are right. 

Plus, no other kind of marketing is able to achieve better conversions or better timing. Currently, Instagram is the most wanted and highly popular social network when it comes to influencer marketing. 

However, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube are also great platforms that are used by influencers. 

Also, if you are able to afford it, it always helps to have more than one influencer that is working with your brand. 

This way your brand will reach a wider number of audiences.

A company can measure their results using various tools, like Google Analytics, however they also have to see if their investment is returning, which is also known as ROI. 

Companies also have other campaign goals like brand awareness, growth of their social media, or an increase in their followers. 

Hence, it is extremely important to align your strategy with your goals and know how to measure it. 

It should be noted that influencer marketing is only just one part of a marketing strategy and it must be combined with all of the other measures. 

Moreover, influencer marketing will also save you money in your budget, it’s easily adaptable to the latest technologies, and it is quickly spreading. 

Plus, millennials make up majority of a brand’s audience and they don’t pay attention to traditional advertising. 

They spend majority of their time on the internet, hence influencer marketing is the ideal way to attract their attention.

Is Influencer Marketing Really That Effective?

The Importance Of Influencer Marketing_ (1) (1)

The effectiveness of influencer marketing depends upon its ability to reach the target audience. 

Among the many benefits of influencer marketing, one of them is brands getting to target a niche as well as broader audiences plus demographics.

When working with influencers that are experts in specific content, such as gaming, tech, fitness, or fashion, brands can get great audience insights regarding their online buying behaviors and social media. 

Plus, brands end up getting direct access to a well-established and loyal customer base.

Over 70% of marketers believe that influencer marketing has introduced their brand to better-qualified customers.

Due to both hyper-targeted and wide-reaching influencer marketing campaigns, brands are exposed to more valuable consumers online. 

Therefore, trust is built between the consumer and the brand. This is all thanks to the influencer’s opinion regarding the brand that affects the buying decisions of the customers. 

Moreover, brands need to do their research and should make sure that they find the suitable influencer that can represent their brand the right way. 

Once the brand has found its influencer, then it can ask them to provide detailed information regarding their subscriber or follower demographics. 

Using these insights, brands can optimize their future campaigns so that it reaches more target audiences. 

This is one way to effectively use influencer marketing.

Moreover, when it comes to ROI, it’s actually better in influencer marketing when compared with other marketing channels. 

In 2019, a survey was conducted, and its results proved that influencer marketing is a viable and highly effective marketing strategy. 

The results of the survey were evaluated among almost 200 marketers and across various other factors. 

The astounding results were enough to prove that influencer marketing is well on its way to becoming a vital tool inside every advertisers’ marketing toolbox.

Why Pick Influencer Marketing?

The Customers Trust The Recommendations That Are Made By The Influencers

As social media activities increases, a brand starts to lose its power and instead the brand becomes whatever the consumer thinks of it. 

Through influencer marketing, this can be changed easily. The consumers fully trust the recommendations and contents that are shared by the influencers. Influencers have a lot of power and impact on whether or not people should purchase your product.

The Change From Celebrities To Influencers

Celebrities are still relevant and have a role to play, however in today’s world, the honest opinion of an influencer matters greatly to the consumer. 

Moreover, it is important not to focus on the number of followers an influencer has, when it comes to picking the right one for your campaign. 

A celebrity has the power to reach a vast group of people, however if they aren’t interested in your product then they are of no use to your brand. 

Instead, a brand should focus on the influencers who place value in their posts and understand what a brand represents and stands for. 

It is better to spread your brand’s message to a smaller yet more targeted group, who will genuinely take interest in your product.

Social Media’s Growth

Different social media platforms are growing rapidly with people of all ages joining these platforms. 

Plus, this is where influencers connect with the consumers the most, hence this marketing strategy is important for the brand. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used by influencers with millions of people using the application every day. 

You can imagine the multitude of people a brand can reach through this channel, when it comes to sharing their message.

People Don’t Like Seeing Ads

Nowadays, people usually skip or block advertisement that they see on the internet. 

Millions of people use ad blockers and this number is only increasing day by day.

Therefore, it is better to stop wasting time and money on ads that consumers won’t even see and end up blocking anyway. 

Instead, brands should focus on using channels that the people trust and that can only happen through influencers. 

Influencer marketing is able to target and reach the appropriate people who are looking for a brand like yours.

Why Should You Use Influencer Marketing For Your Business?

Influencer Marketing_ (3) (1)

Despite its popularity and a plethora of benefits, one wonders if influencer marketing is fitting for their specific business or brand. 

Should a brand make influencer marketing an integral part of their business? 

Listed below are all of the reasons you need to trust in the effectiveness of influencer marketing for your own business. 

Read on to find out.

Bigger And Better Brand Awareness

Influencers have a massive and loyal following, therefore they hold the power to increase exposure and boost awareness of a brand. 

Once an influencer endorses or recommends your brand, their followers will most likely take notice.

Furthermore, when a recommendation comes from an influencer that the people trust, then that recommendation is often seen as being authentic. 

For instance, the huge success of Daniel Wellington is the perfect example of influencer marketing and how it can spread awareness about your brand.

Once a brand collaborates with an influencer, they can cut through the noise and can easily attract the attention of the influencer’s followers towards their brand. 

Hence, visibility of the brand increases immensely and helps in starting meaningful and expressive conversations about the brand online. 

According to a study, to increase their brand awareness, about 37% of the businesses used influencer marketing.

Accurate Targeting

It is important to recognize and target the appropriate audience when it comes to any kind of marketing strategy. 

However, this can be a tough process and it usually requires a thorough understanding of the potential customers for your brand.

On the other hand, with influencer marketing, you do not have to worry about all that and can skip that step, because all of that hard work has already been completed by the influencers. 

All you need to do is to make sure that the influencer you chose is relevant to your brand’s niche, plus their public personality should align with the image of your brand. 

For example, if you are a clothing brand that sells chic and affordable apparel for today’s millennials, then collaborating with models and fashion bloggers is going to give you a chance to showcase your products to their audience, who will most probably be interested in what you have to offer. 

Nowadays, many clothing brands are using this marketing strategy and their business has never been better, such as brands like H&M.

Greater Trust And Credibility

One of the greatest powers of an influencer is in their followers’ trust. It is because of this trust that influencers can create a loyal following. 

Therefore, whenever an influencer gives their followers an honest feedback regarding your brand’s product or service, then that is seen as a true and genuine testimonial.

Hence, it strengthens the reputation of your brand and also boosts your credibility.

So, once you hire influencers for your brand, you also end up winning their audiences’ trust. 

Eventually, this will prove to be instrumental in forming a large group of loyal supporters of your brand. 

This will further increase the brand awareness and in the long run help your business earn a lot more revenue.

Enhanced And Unique Content Strategies

One of the greatest powers of an influencer is in their followers’ trust. It is because of this trust that influencers can create a loyal following. 

Therefore, whenever an influencer gives their followers an honest feedback regarding your brand’s product or service, then that is seen as a true and genuine testimonial.

Hence, it strengthens the reputation of your brand and also boosts your credibility.

So, once you hire influencers for your brand, you also end up winning their audiences’ trust. 

Eventually, this will prove to be instrumental in forming a large group of loyal supporters of your brand. 

This will further increase the brand awareness and in the long run help your business earn a lot more revenue.

Greater Audience Engagement

It can be a difficult struggle in order to increase the number of comments and likes on your brand’s social media posts. 

Even with millions of followers, you will not get good results if your engagement levels are nonexistent. 

This is when influencer marketing comes in the picture and can be of great use.

When you work with influencers, not only does the quality of your content improve immensely, but it also becomes more user-centric. 

This type of content is more likely to allure your target audience. 

Plus, when your hired influencer shares your brand’s content on their social media platforms, then their audience also engages with it. 

If the audience likes that content, then they might tag or share it with their family and friends, or on their own social media profiles. 

This will further increase its reach.

For example, a lot of the brands join hands with influencers in order to announce giveaways on social media platforms, like Instagram or Facebook. 

These kinds of posts usually generate a massive number of comments and likes.

Better Search Engine Rankings

If you are still thinking about why you need to integrate influencer marketing in your brand’s overall advertising strategy, then think no further. 

When you collaborate with influencers, you end up boosting all of the other types of digital marketing that you are using. 

Influencer marketing has the potential of improving the search engine rankings of your website and expand the reach of your brand even further.

As we have established, influencer marketing greatly increases brand awareness, hence this sends a lot more traffic to your brand’s website. 

Plus, when someone shares your content, this helps you in earning a number of authentic and high-quality backlinks. 

Hence, working with influencers also improves the quality of the content you share with the audience. 

All of these things can greatly help when it comes to increasing your search engine ranking and also helps in growing your business.

More Conversion Rates

The main goal of any business is generating sales and earning more profit. 

But it can be very hard to impress potential customers by boasting about your own brand. 

Consumers are extremely wary and aware of such brands and would often spend several hours doing research online prior to buying anything.

That is where influencers come in. 

They have the ability and power to attract a lot more people towards the products or services of your brand. 

This happens because the consumers trust all of the recommendations that are made by the influencers they love and follow. 

That is why brands can make use of this influence and change the purchase decisions of those consumers and generate a lot more conversions. 

In a study, 33% of the people agreed that when it comes to shopping for a certain product or service, the influencers they follow are the only source they trust.

It is quite obvious that influencer marketing appears to be an effective tool when it comes to customer acquisition. 

Not only do you generate a lot more leads for the business, but you also ultimately earn more revenue. 

Also, the ROI of influencer marketing is incredibly high, reaching up to 650%

Influencers Have A Social Appeal

Influencer marketers have a certain social appeal and charisma that attracts people. 

Today’s society, meaning the consumers, have shifted majority of their attention to social media, hence it is only sensible that a business also follows the same path.

As mentioned before, people used to make their purchasing decisions based on whatever traditional advertisement they either saw on their television or heard about it on their radio. 

Nowadays, the influencers are also basically buyers that help guide their audience through social media when it comes to making an enlightened and educated buying decision. 

Consumers today are able to learn about the buying experience the influencer had with a product or service, and base their final decision on that.

Moreover, consumers expect the brands to talk to them rather than at them. 

They want the brands to not only inform them about their product but also to entertain them, instead of just trying to sell their products. 

This is where influencers shine brightly and know what they are doing. 

Once a brand gets paired up with the right influencer, this can start conversations all over the world and attract a massive number of followers.

Influencers Are Aware Of The Latest Trends

An influencer’s job is to stay up-to-date and well-informed about all of the latest and newest trends that take place all over the world. 

They are usually the very first ones to try these trends in order to create new ways to engage with a whole set of new audiences.

By utilizing their network, your brand can use new ideas and use them in order to attract potential customers. 

Plus, since these influencers are experts at what they do, you can actually gain deeper insights regarding your business from them.

Influencers Are Trustworthy And Reliable

One of the many reasons for an influencer’s loyal following is that they are reliable and have credibility. 

People blindly trust their opinion and believe in whatever they say. If an influencer turns out to be unreliable, then they lose their following in a snap! 

Hence, maintaining that trust and honest relationship with their followers is incredibly important for an influencer.

Therefore, if an influencer trusts your brand, then so will their followers. 

They have the power of showcasing your brand in a positive light and their followers will always trust the words of their favorite influencers. 

Hence, if you want to build a healthy relationship with potential customers then hiring a trustworthy and credible influencer is the way to go, regardless of the fact if they have more or less followers as compared with the highly popular influencers. 

A credible influencer can take your business to new heights!


The world of influencer marketing has greatly changed in a short span of time and these influencers are not going anywhere. 

Five years from now, who knows where influencer marketing will take us. 

In today’s world, many businesses from various industries are already using influencers to sway the tastes and opinions of consumers. 

They are aware of all of the benefits a credible influencer can bring by promoting their brand, such as strengthening the brand’s reputation, improving audience engagement, creating online buzz for the brand, and so much more. 

Now is the time when business owners and marketers should recognize the value of influencer marketing and then use it to their advantage. 

This latest marketing strategy is going to place their brand on a higher pedestal.