Become A Successful Network Marketer With This Famous Book

Become A Successful Network Marketer With This Famous Book

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Best-selling writer Russell Brunson has just written a third book Network Marketing Secrets, which his followers have anxiously awaited since his last two books Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

In his latest book, there is information geared toward helping the standard network marketer who doesn’t know the secrets of using the internet productively and effectively. The main emphasis of the book is on the effectiveness of growing your MLM business by using internet sales funnels. 

Basically, Russell teaches how to take the 3 most powerful MLM strategies which have been used for decades and implement them into your online sales funnels. His book connects readers to 3 “lost” online sales funnels which can easily be uploaded to their own personal accounts and used in their MLM strategies immediately. 

The ClickFunnels CEO Russell Brunson and MLM

There are a few Facebook groups where ClickFunnels is their main topic of focus. Russell Brunson and his latest book, Network Marketing Secrets has been talked about in these groups a lot lately. However, it doesn’t seem like the people commenting on the book have any knowledge of Russell’s previous successes as an internet and network marketer. 

Throughout Russell’s entrepreneurial endeavors, he’s been the biggest distributor in many MLM companies. Sometimes he was even the biggest distributor in 2 organizations simultaneously. He only needed a single MLM to win a Ferrari. For another organization, he produced over $1.5 million worth of leads. Out of those leads, about 200,000 of them came from his exclusive downline. 

In some cases, Russell’s downlines were so massive that network marketing companies actually wanted him to resign because of it. People with upline sponsors were leaving them in order to join his MLM organization, which is a bad thing for an MLM organization.  

Russell spends most of his time managing ClickFunnels, but he is also currently working on growing an MLM team alongside Steve Larsen. Since the summer of 2018, Steve has been working with Russell on a secret plan related to MLM. If you’re interested in joining them in their new MLM venture, and to also learn about how to create massive downlines as Russell did, then use the video below as a guide.

The Three Secret Marketing Funnels

The Three Secret Marketing Funnels

Let’s discuss the most difficult things about MLM first. Entrepreneurs love the MLM business model because of its potential to generate product sales for them. MLM has literally generated billions of dollars in sales throughout the last 2 decades. 

However, there are potential difficulties you must consider. New MLM strategists go through different phases and will often get stuck in one of the phases. But if you read about Russell’s strategy, you can learn how to avoid getting stuck by establishing a new foundation for growing your MLM. 

Entrepreneurs often experience the following difficulties with MLM:

  • Repeatedly trying to solicit your family members and friends for business. When they tell you “no,” you still ask them anyway out of desperation. 
  • Driving traffic to company websites with designs that have been used multiple times before and have a terrible navigational system. Viewers end up confused about how to purchase the product. 
  • Over 100,000 people in your MLM companies downline end up utilizing the same websites, scripts, products, and other marketing tools. 

In Russell’s book, Network Marketing Secrets he shows you new ways to build your MLM business without relying on these outdated strategies. You no longer need to beg your family and friends to join your downline. You no longer need to SPAM your advertisements on social media or use the same boring sales pages. Instead, you can implement an MLM strategy that duplicates your downline and builds continuing income for your business. 

Okay, now let’s discuss those secret funnels. If you’re a conventional MLM entrepreneur, then it won’t be hard for you to follow Russell’s strategy. All he does is take the classic MLM concepts which have been successful in network marketing for over 20 years and recreates them as online sales funnels. 

The great thing about online sales funnels is they’re just as effective as selling in-person. On top of that, you have automated systems set up where leads find their way to you instead of the other way around. Once the leads arrive, you simply sell to them and add more members to your team. 

Below are Russell’s three secret marketing funnels. 

1) The Bridge Funnel

The Bridge Funnel

It is tough when you join an MLM company for the first time because you have no knowledge of the products or the sales plan. The bridge funnel is a long-forgotten marketing funnel known as a 3-way call. A prospect is introduced to your upline boss, who shares their story and describes the offer to the prospect. Basically, the upline boss sells the products on your behalf. 

After you do a couple more 3-way calls like this, you’ll have the chance to share your own experiences and stories with the various prospects you find. Your team can be duplicated easily by making 3-way calls like this. As more people start coming, you can hire a team leader to manage all the recruiting and sales tasks. While your downline is getting built, you can learn as you go. 

Current ClickFunnels members can upload the funnel straight into their account. If you don’t have a ClickFunnels account, then you can sign-up for one and receive a 14-day free trial. 

In Russell’s Network Marketing Secrets he thoroughly describes the ins and outs of these secret sales funnels. If you’re interested in using these funnels to grow your own MLM company, then you need to purchase his book and let it guide you through the process. 

2) Home Parties

Home Parties funnel

It is very effective to host home parties for people because they can view your products without being pressured directly by a salesperson. It gives people the opportunity to look around and purchase products at their own will. Furthermore, buyers may influence other people at the house parties to make purchases too. 

You can duplicate your downline through this strategy. The attendees are encouraged to host their own parties in order to receive free products or MLM benefits. When you read through Network Marketing Secrets you will learn how Russell recreates home parties over the internet and the best ways to set up these parties online. Most importantly, you’ll learn why and how they’re effective for growing your MLM business.

From a single home party funnel in a new company, Russell produced more than 1.5 million leads within 6 weeks. His downline became the biggest in the entire company. Russell’s secret is to keep generating sales even after the online home party has ended. You will learn how to do this in his book.

3) Hotel Meetup

Hotel Meetup funnel

Hotel meetings are very common amongst businesspeople. Your prospects can easily be introduced to your business, the products it sells, and have the chance to meet the biggest earning person in your company. Most of all, new distributors can help you grow your downline after they’re given a duplicatable system. 

You can host a hotel meeting and bring your prospects there. The biggest earner can sell your products to them for you. Network Marketing Secrets goes over the details of all the sales funnels and how to share your story effectively with your prospects as you use these funnels to generate sales. 

In the MLM business, we all have prospects who we consider to be our ideal clients. In Russell’s book, he talks about the best way to create sales funnels that get the attention of these ideal clients. 

The Viral Loop

The Viral Loop

The “Viral Loop” is explained in the second section of Russell’s book. This term describes a selling sequence that needs to take place in your sales funnels if you want to sell your products successfully. If you’re going to sell online, then you must read this section. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your own products or services or running an affiliate marketing or MLM campaign. 

When you use a viral loop for your MLM company, the four main components of it are as follows:

  • Live product demo
  • Selling without having to sell, using an epiphany bridge.
  • Close the sale through a call-to-action
  • Duplication is a must for MLM success

Network Marketing Secrets teaches you how to form a script for your epiphany bridge. Some of the information about this is also mentioned in Expert Secrets another one of Russell’s books.

To learn the right formula and strategy for selling products, Russell examined and studied one of the best infomercial giants ever, Billy Mays. Russell realized that closing sales and duplicating your downline is how you make money for your company. 


Network Marketing Secrets Book Review

Russell Brunson wrote Network Marketing Secrets as a guide for people who want to learn how to manage each sales funnel and succeed with them. He literally lays out the steps for setting up your sales funnels and achieving fast results. You’ll be given 10 traffic sources for increasing the number of visitors who find your newly generated sales funnels. 

Anyone looking to get into MLM sales should definitely pick up this book. You may be able to get the book for free if you don’t mind paying the shipping costs. But if you want to purchase several copies of the book, there are options for that as well.

By having several copies available, you can host contests and offer to give away these copies. Perhaps you could give away the book as a bonus to people who sign up and join your downline. Just implement creative tactics like this in order to grow your team and make more money. 

Network Marketing Secrets will set you on the right path.