How to sell anything online (Hook Story Offer Strategy)

How to sell anything online (Hook Story Offer Strategy)

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There are 3 easy steps to selling online:

  1. Attract people’s attention.
  2. Get them to trust and believe in you by telling a story that appeals to their emotions and makes them want to engage.
  3. Provide them with an irresistible offer which they cannot refuse.

If you’re failing to make money online, then you’re probably not good at doing one or more of these steps.

You can’t make money if people are not paying attention to you and whatever it is you have to offer.

But getting their attention is not enough. Even after you get their attention, they need to feel compelled to take action or else no money will be made.

What if you get their attention and motivate them to take action, but then don’t have something to offer them which satisfies their desires? If this situation, you still won’t make money either. That is why each step is crucial when selling online.

This simple sales process is known as a sales funnel. It is structured in a way to qualify prospective customers and convert them into actual customers. In other words, you’re turning leads into paying customers.

The term “sales funnel” is used a lot online, but few people know how to use a sales funnel to make money. They’ll likely create a sales funnel, but then fail to make any money with it because they haven’t followed the three steps above.

You can remember those steps more easily by memorizing the following words in consecutive order:

  1. Hook
  2. Story
  3. Offer

If you want to make extra money online or possibly earn a full-time income at home and quit your ordinary job, then you must become an expert at these 3 steps.

Let’s examine the specific details of these steps so that you can understand them better. Once you have a clear understanding of these details, then making a successful sales funnel will be easy for you

The Hook


Anglers use hooks to catch fish in the water. However, the hooks alone are not what attracts the fish. The hooks need to have bait in order to attract them. So, the hook and bait work together to snatch a fish. 

The bait attracts the fish, and the hook catches the fish. You just need to choose the right bait and hook combination.

The hook is critical for two reasons where people are concerned:

  1. It causes an interruption during people’s ordinary activities, such as surfing or reading.
  2. It attracts them to your ad presentation, such as your sales page, graphic ad, or text ad.

There are many ways in which you can pull people in with the hook. You can display an appealing question, video, title, or image which captures their attention.

Think about the last time that you browsed your Facebook feed and noticed a post that captured your attention. It might have had an eye-catching title like “I made my first million dollars by age 21.” Perhaps it had a video included with it too. Who wouldn’t want to look at that post? Everyone wants to make a million dollars no matter what age they are.

Therefore, this would be a successful hook because it captures people’s attention by offering them something they want. You can find hooks like this all over the place online. That is why you need to learn to place hooks in all your forms of online communication, such as your sales pages, email messages, and landing pages. Without these hooks in place, people won’t bother paying attention.

Locating a Hook

Locating The Hook

It is not easy to locate a workable hook. But if you can locate one, then things will get much easier. To help you find a hook, take a look at these ideas to point you in the right direction:

  1. Tell a story about something difficult in your life or a struggle you had to deal with. It should be a story that relates to what a lot of other people are going through in their lives. Choose the best part of the story and let that be your hook which attracts people to you. 
  2. Maybe you don’t have a personal story of hardship or struggle from your past to discuss. That is okay because you can do something exciting or crazy instead. People are always attracted to bizarre things, so try that out and see how it goes.
  3. Can you think of something which most people are drawn to, but that you know is not right? This is called challenging the status quo. It is always interesting to people when someone else criticizes something that is concerned to be normal. If you can put a positive twist on it by suggesting a new idea, then this can become the bait for your hook.

The Story


Now that you have attracted the attention of your prospective customers, the next thing to do is dive deeper into your story. People need an excuse or reason to buy what you’re offering, and a good story gives them an excuse or reason.

After all, most consumers make purchases based on emotion rather than logic and knowledge. You can give them logic eventually, but only after they make an emotional purchase.

A story is crucially important for this reason. It must appeal to the emotions of your readers in order to motivate them to purchase what you’re selling. Every hook needs a story to keep the buyer and seller connected to each other. It is like reading a book or watching a movie.

If it doesn’t have a central character that appeals to your emotions, then you don’t care to read or watch it anymore.

To learn more about this from professionals in the industry, you should check out books like “Expert Secrets” and “Dotcom Secrets.” 

These books can serve you as an easy guide to successfully selling online.
More importantly, you’ll learn about how to cast yourself off as a true expert in your field in order to attract more customers.

Structure of the Story

There needs to be structure to your story for it to flow well. When you partake in the One Funnel Away Challenge, you will learn about the Epiphany Bridge Script. It will teach you a lot about structure and story. It goes something like this:

  1. The Backstory: What is the reason for people to do this? What past events happened to get you here? What is the purpose of finding a solution? 
  2. The Desire: What are you looking to achieve? What is your desired outcome from this?
  3. The Barrier: What barriers prevented you from finding success? Could you have done something else to avoid them? 
  4. The Epiphany: What spark went off in your head to make you realize that a different way exists? 
  5. The Plan: Which action did you take to initiate a change?
  6. The Conflict: What were your challenges? How did you get past these challenges?
  7. The Achievement: What were you able to achieve? What was your level of success?
  8. The Transformation: How did this affect you? What were the changes in your life as a result? 

If you can implement this structure into your story, your prospective customers will have a growing desire to want to achieve the same results that you did.

Just make sure you offer them something which helped you achieve the results that were discussed in your story. This will motivate them to purchase it so that they can duplicate your success. 

The Offer

You may have set up a great story and hook. Perhaps your customer even has the desire to purchase what you’re selling. 

However, they may not commit to the purchase at the last minute. If this is the case, then there may be an issue with your offer.

Out of all the elements of your sales funnel, the offer is the most important element. Even if you have a bad story and hook, a great offer could still compel people to purchase what you’re selling. 

All you need is an offer which gives people something they need or want. Make sure it satisfies their desires rather than yours.

An offer doesn’t necessarily mean a specific product. Most businesses sell different versions of the same product. The prices are also similar as well. So, what is going to make someone purchase your product? It is an offer rather than the product itself.

Creating an Attractive Offer

An offer is basically a collection of services and/or products that cater to people’s needs and desires. 

It is a package that offers them everything they need in an organized fashion. 

This is what makes the package more valuable than purchasing the products or services separately. 

If you can put the right products or services together in an attractive package, then it will be an irresistible offer for your prospective customers.

An offer is what makes you different than the competition. That is why several websites offer free video courses and eBooks to their customers. 

It makes their primary products look more valuable to customers because they know they’re getting lots of extra goodies along with their purchase.

You should look at the “One Funnel Away Challenge ” to gain more information about this. Just remember that if a customer says “yes” to your offer without even thinking about their answer, then you have a great offer.


Now you know that a hook, story, and offer are how you turn a failing sales funnel into a successful one.

It may take you some practice before you get the hang of it, but that’s okay. Sometimes you can still gain sales by scoring points with one or two of these elements.
The “One Funnel Away Challenge” can provide you with further details about the process of creating a sales funnel from a hook, story, and offer structure.