What is Triller app and is it a new TikTok Competitor_ (1)

What is Triller app and is it a new TikTok Competitor?

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Triller App is a video application that helps the users to create, publish, and upload short videos. Then, the users can share these videos, follow other people, and send messages like a social network. 

There are many similarities to TikTok that is the most popular app in this category. 

It is not a bad thing to see a competitor for TikTok. 

The competition can help the creators of these apps to add more value and improve the user experience. 

In this article, you can read more about Triller, why it is a good platform for short videos, how to use it, and the main differences from TikTok.

What exactly is Triller App?

What exactly is Triller App?​

The concept behind Triller is that you can create short music videos. 

There is a list of songs that you can use for your videos, and then you can make the video and share it with your friends. 

According to the app store description, Triller is a platform for creators.

Triller started as a music video app by David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin

In the beginning, it was not a social media network but only an app that you could create and edit videos. 

Later, they added the options to add friends, send messages, and share videos, so it looks more like a social network than an editing app.

For this reason, you can expect many editing options, professional quality of videos, and many filters. 

Many people would love to make professional videos only with their smartphone, and the Triller keeps growing because of the combination of quality videos and social characteristics.

However, the starting concept of short music videos has not changed. The users have only 16 seconds to create a video. 

In the beginning, the length was 12 seconds. 

So, the videos must be smart and quick. 

This process makes Triller quite similar to TikTok that has videos of the same type.

How To Use Triller App and Create Your Own Music Video?

Triller has a great user experience, and the process of creating videos is very easy. 

You can do it with the following steps:

Step 1

Before you get started, you need to download the app. 

You can find it on Google Store or iTunes. 

Then, you can open the app and check the interface. You will see a few plus buttons. 

If you want to create a new video, you just need to tap on a plus button.

Step 2

It is an app about music videos, so you need to choose a song to continue. 

There is a list of many songs from different regions and categories.

The latest songs are on the top of this list, and you can choose a song from your own device as well.

Step 3

Next, you must choose the portion of the track. 

This portion will be on your video. 

The song is half part of your creation, so you can take your time to find the right song and portion. 

You can preview it by tapping the play button. 

Once you choose it, you can move forward by tapping the tick button.

Another thing to consider is that you choose a portion of 29 seconds. However, the length of your video will be up to 16 seconds. 

You need to consider it when you choose both the song and the portion. 

Also, you can upload a file from your device for lengthier songs.

Step 4

Then, you can actually start with the video. 

You will see the camera viewfinder that you can choose the frond or rare view. 

There are different filters to choose from, and you can record on slow, normal, and fast speed. Once you hit the capturing button, you can use a bar to zoom in or zoom out.

Step 5

You can capture multiple takes and edit them for the best possible results. 

Once the first take is completed, you can hit the plus button for a second take even if you don’t like the first one.

Step 6

After capturing a few takes, you can tape the Make Triller video button. You will see a cool video of your takes that is edited from the app automatically. 

If you want to make any changes, there is a Re Edit button that is available on the share menu. 

However, the easiest option is to use the first video. Lastly, you can share your video on social media. 

There are options for sharing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. 

Also, you can save it on your smartphone or send it through SMS and WhatsApp
On the homepage, you can see your creations. 

There are options to play, share, and delete your existing videos. You swipe left and right for these options. 

You can change the settings of Triller by swiping down from the homepage.

Triller For Marketing

Triller has 13 million active users, so there is enough room for marketing. 

There is an audience to target if your business has a young target group, or it is relevant to music. 

It can be great for branding as well if you want to create interesting content.

You can follow other users, like videos, and create your own content. 

With a few words, it works like most social media networks on the internet. The only difference is that you must send your message with these 16-second videos. 

The rule that internet marketers use for social media marketing is creating content regularly and engaging with their audience. 

These simple rules can work on Triller. 

If you want to be active on Triller and create an audience, you need to engage with your audience and create videos for some minutes per day.

Next, there are Triller influencers

They are users who have a lot of followers and get a lot of views on their videos.

Influencer marketing can be an opportunity for your business if you want to promote your products in their audience. 

You must do your research about relevant opportunities and make sure that they are profitable.

Lastly, you can create Triller challenges. This feature is similar to TikTok challenges. The challenges must be creative and relevant to your niche. 

They work because people like competitions of any type. You can give them extra motivation to participate if you add a reward. 

If someone wants to participate in your challenge, they need to follow the specific guidelines that you have created.

Triller App Vs. TikTok

Tiktok VS triller (1)

Triller and TikTok are applications that anyone can download and use to create short music videos. 

So, the first important similarity is the type of content that you can create for these apps. 

Next, you can find a young audience that is highly interested in music. Many users have profiles on both platforms, and if you want to use them for marketing, you need to test them both. 

Both Triller and TikTok focus on the social part of their apps. On their description on Play Store, they mention that they are apps to share your videos.

However, there are some differences because they try to improve user experience in different ways:

Quality Editing VS Personalized Search

Triller allows the user to capture multiple takes and edit all the takes to create one nice video. 

The results are impressive for videos that are edited automatically. TikTok allows you to edit the videos, but you must do it manually. 

It means that editing will be harder for inexperienced users. 

Triller helps the users to create the best possible videos without much effort from their part. 

It has a clear advantage in editing and the available options on that part.

TikTok focuses more on the user experience inside the app and not to the content creation. 

It tries to show content to the users that have more chances to view. It is a process that we can see in most social networks. 

They want people to consume the content instead of creating it because they will remain longer online and will increase advertising revenue for the platforms. 

Of course, other users create the content of TikTok, but the platform is not so helpful in this part as Triller.

Discover Pages

Triller is a place that you can discover music. It uses discover pages that organize the content based on genres, leaderboards, top videos, and promoted campaigns. 

TikTok shows trending hashtags, popular videos, and promoted campaigns based on your previous activity.

Triller Focuses On Hip-Hop

Most users user of Triller has a preference for hip-hop and EDM. 

It is not easy to say if the app wants to target these genres or just happened because of the users. 

However, most promoted campaigns are from hip-hop artists. TikTok has not any preference for a specific genre.

How Many Downloads Does Triller App Have?

Triller has over 13 million active users, 60 million total downloads, and over 800 thousand downloads per month. 

These stats make it clear that the audience of Triller is still growing. If you check the app and the users, you can see that it is popular with teenagers and young adults.

Is it Thriller or Triller?

The site of the company and the app on Google store use the name Triller. There are not many mentions on the internet as Thriller, so we stick to the official name.

Is It Free?

Yes, you can download it for free on Google Store and iTunes.

Is Triller App Safe?

When it comes to the privacy of the users, there are any major complaints, so we can assume that it is safe to use it. 

It is the fastest growing app for music, and everything is professional about user experience and support. Until today, everything works fine in this part.

Triller is suggested for ages over 12 years old. So, you can follow this rule if you worry about the safety of your kids. 

It works like another social network, and there is not anything different here. There is communication with other members with likes, comments, and direct messages. 

You can follow anyone you want and send personal messages.

Which one is the best Tiktok or Triller?

There are similarities and differences as mentioned above. Some users prefer to use TikTok, while others prefer Triller. 

The question that you need to answer what you want to achieve with these apps.

If you are interested in the social part, TikTok already has a bigger audience and gives you suggestions based on the content you like and your preferences. 

It can be a little easier to follow people in your interests and find interesting videos. 

However, Triller has a social part as well, and the platform will grow bigger.

Personal brands and influencers can find room to work in both apps. TikTok has a bigger audience, so there are more competition and opportunity at the same time. 

Triller works best for specific target audiences. For example, if you create hip-hop music, Triller is a better option because many users expect to discover new music in this genre. 

When it comes to influencer marketing and advertising, you need to test them and check what works best for you.

If you are not sure about the best app, you can use both of them. It is ok to create and publish content for both of them. 

Lastly, Triller allows you to save videos on your mobile phone and share them on other platforms. 

You can share these videos on any platform and app you want with no limitations if they give you the option to upload files.



Triller App is already a popular social network for short videos. 

The app is growing, so we expect to become bigger and be popular for many years. 

Many users can see similarities with TikTok because they work with the same type of content. 

Triller is one of the TikTok competitors. 

Whether you are a user that wants to check a few videos, a creator, or a marketer, you can use both apps. 

The competition can give us great features and updates in the future that will improve the user experience.