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Who Is Nick Santonastasso? – Most Motivational Person Ever

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Nick Santonastasso is a person that wants to inspire other people not to be a victim in life and does not know any limits.

We can learn many things about life from his story, so here are some more details.

He is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, bodybuilder, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer.

He was also a speaker at one event of Tony Robbins and the Pendulum Summit with other well-known motivational speakers like Deepak Chopra, Steve Forbes, and Suzy Welch.

These things sound impressive for most people because it takes hard work and commitment to reach these goals.

However, they are even more impressive for someone who has faced more challenges than an average person.

Hanhart Syndrome

Who Is Nick Santonastasso

Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart syndrome, with no legs, one arm, and only one finger on his left hand.

According to one of his YouTube videos, only 12 people have born with this syndrome, and 8 of them are dead.

So, the chances were against him to survive and grow up in the first place.

However, he has achieved all the things that are mentioned above and had a very active life as a teenager as well.

He has said many interesting facts about his life in his videos that are mentioned in this post.

Early Life

His parents help him to learn how to depend on himself.

They let his clothes or his food in front of him from an early age, and Nick had to figure out ways to eat or wear his clothes.

What a valuable lesson for a young kid that has to face so many challenges because he is different.

He has said that his parents told the truth at a young age.

They said that the world would not stop for him, and his parents will not be with forever to take care of his problems.

Their advice was to discover ways to take care of himself. In my opinion, this could be great advice for any kid.

When people accept life’s challenges, they become mentally stronger and more prepared to face difficult situations.

We can assume that this happened to Nick because, as a kid, he loved to take risks and try different things.

For example, he liked sports and started skateboarding with no legs.

There are videos on YouTube that show him riding with his belly.

High School

Of course, he had low points in his life.

He was feeling uncomfortable because of his body.

Nick has shared that until a young age, he did not understand that he was different. 

Negative words from other kids were the first time that he realized that.

For this reason, he wanted to find a type of physical activity that would elevate him.

So, he started wrestling in high school, and according to his stories, he had to take off several inches of his right arm to get started.

Wrestling was a big part of his high school life and became a member of the varsity team in his senior year.

Nick wanted to become an example from other people and show them what they are capable of, and wrestling was his way to achieve that.

YouTube Pranks

Nick started a YouTube channel when he was still in high school with different types of videos.

You can see him swimming, playing bowling, doing a gym routine, and more. In many of the videos, he mentions that he does all things without legs.

He has turned his disadvantage in a great way to get more views.

One of the most popular videos shows him dressed up as a zombie to scare other people at a gas station.

These videos have 490k views today, and all his videos have over 3 million views. 

These pranks became virals, and there are many mentions for his pranks on the internet.

Instagram Influencer

His Instagram account is the same impressive with his YouTube channel. It has over 500k followers, and the account is still super active.

There are personal photos, videos, gym exercises, tips for bodybuilding, and much more.

Of course, many influencers publish content on similar topics, but Nick does a great job.

We need to mention that some of his followers are influencers and celebrities. For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson follows Nick.

Also, there is a post with an image with both of them together.

The Rock writes on this post that even if Nick was born with no legs, in his mind, there is nothing that he can’t do.

From Victim To Victor

Nick Santonastasso has published a book with the title From Victim To Victor. As you can see from the title, it is a book on how to overcome the victim mentality.

This is what keeps people away from their goals and dreams.

Nick has created a nice book with practical tips on how to become strong enough to go for what you want.

Lastly, he is a public speaker, even as we can see from the different videos that there are available on YouTube for free.

He has talked to a stage many times, and his speeches are always inspiring for other people.

What Can We Learn From Nick?

1. Start Your Day With Gratitude

He mentions gratitude in many of his videos. Most people go through the day without appreciating what they have.

The result of ignoring the right things in life is negativity, doubts, and worries.

So, start your day with gratitude like Nick Santonastasso.

You may think that there is nothing that you can feel grateful for.

The truth is that you can feel grateful that you are still alive.

If Nick can be grateful because his hurt still beats despite the challenges of life, we can find something as well.

2. There are no limits

It is empowering to believe that there are no limits. You may argue for the opposite, but this is your call.

Some people decide to live with no limits, and Nick is one of them. Your beliefs do not have to be 100% accurate if we assume that they empower you.

He has lived a life that proves this belief. He learned skateboarding with no legs, and started wrestling and became a member of the varsity team with no legs.

There are videos of him playing bowling or swimming as well.

The fact that he was dressed up as a zombie means that he has no problem to have fun and not let anything to create negativity in his life.

Nick still lives without limits and keeps pushing forward.

He has met his idols, and they follow his Instagram account. Whatever he has in mind for the future, we can wish him the best because he will break new limits again.

3. Inspire Others

When he was in the wrestling team, he had decided to be an inspiration for other people.

We live in a world that most people find excuses to stay inactive and comfortable.

It is amazing to see so many talented people let themselves down and be depressed. What if these people decide to inspire others like Nick.

How much could they achieve?

On the other hand, it is impressive to learn about people like Nick to do their bests every day.

We can see from his book and Instagram account that he tries to inspire people to take action.

Almost every piece of content has the same purpose. At the same time, the goal to inspire others is a way to push yourself to the extremes and get out of your comfort zone.


Nick Santonastasso was born with a rare syndrome that created many disadvantages in life.

However, he is an example for all of us about what you can achieve when you don’t accept any limits.

He is himself and loves what he does in life that is the goal for most people.