Why Motivation is Important for business and entrepreneurs (2020)

Why Motivation is Important for business and entrepreneurs (2020)

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Many entrepreneurs struggle with motivation in business and life. It is not easy to run a company that takes huge amounts of energy. 

Motivation is the result of an internal decision to go for your goals. 

Usually, you need a reason why you should do work for your business. 

This reason can be to work to support your family, achieve something big, earn money to buy things they want, and more.

On the other hand, we can’t do much when we are unmotivated, and some people use the lack of motivation as an excuse to slow down. 

In this article, you can read why motivation is important.

1. Motivation Increase Your Energy Levels

You may feel tired after doing a task or working for a few hours and want to rest. 

However, you get a phone call from a friend who invites you to do something fun. 

How many times do we forget that we are tired and start doing fun things?

The problem is not your energy levels but your lack of motivation that makes you feel tired. 

Once you focus on something interesting, you have enough energy to do it. 

While it’s possible to feel tired after a hard-working day, it is not always the case.

If you are motivated, your body increases the adrenaline levels that renew your energy. 

There are many people that work a lot of hours every single day for months or years. 

They are not special, but they are more motivated to reach their goals than an average person.

2. Motivation Makes You Happy

Motivation is a positive feeling, so by feeling motivated many hours per day, you will be happier in your life. 

Usually, you will feel more determined, passionate, in control, excited, and other similar feelings that will improve the quality of your life.

We feel excited and happy when we are close to reaching a big goal. 

However, if there is a distance between our results and our goals, we may feel unhappy and unmotivated. 

When that happens, we need to review our goals, break them down in smaller but achievable steps, and take action. 

People with positive expectations tend to be more motivated and happy than people with negative expectations.

3. Motivation Improves Your Performance

Motivation Improves Your Performance

Most people search for motivational content to feel better and go back to work. 

It’s obvious that performance depends on motivation because you need energy and a good attitude to keep working on your business. 

Many entrepreneurs must find what motivates them to move forward. There are many stats and tricks to achieve that goal.

One of the most common tricks is to set small achievable goals that include small rewards. 

Then, our mind thinks that this is an achievable goal, and we are ready for action. The reward can be anything small or big that gives the satisfaction of a reward. 

Once we complete the requested tasks, we are motivated to move to the next one.

4. Motivation Influences Other People

Influences Other People

If you work in a negative environment, most of your coworkers will feel this negativity and be unmotivated. 

However, positive working environments keep everyone happy and productive. 

Usually, one person with extra energy and positivity can inspire a whole group of people. 

One of the characteristics of great leaders is that they can motivate everyone around them.

Motivation is infectious. 

If you are really motivated, many people that work with you will follow your example. This process happens unconsciously most of the time, so you don’t have to worry about others. 

Motivate yourself, and you will notice other people in the same state of mind around you.

Lastly, you can think about the importance of motivation when you hire people. Their attitude will influence your team and your business. 

Hiring highly motivated people can improve the performance of your whole team.

5. Motivation Keeps You Committed To Your Goals

Commitment is important because every business has hard tasks and days that require more effort than others. 

If you are not committed to reaching your goals no matter what happens, it will not be easy to put the effort that is required.

Your level of commitment depends on your motivation. Highly motivated people just decide to reach their goals. 

Then, stay committed to that decision. It is ok to feel unmotivated sometimes, but you need to continue the good work despite your feelings. 

These times you need to remember why you set this goal in the beginning.

6. Motivation Eliminates Procrastination

6. Motivation Eliminates Procrastination​

Time management is not only about good planning.

One of the main problems of many entrepreneurs is procrastination. 

People who don’t lack ideas cannot complete simple projects. It is not that they don’t have enough time or skills. 

Usually, they hesitate to start and can procrastinate for hours, days, weeks, or months. 

Even if they start, they may procrastinate to go through the steps of the task.

Time management requires the ability to stick to plan even if you don’t feel like doing it. 

Procrastination is created from your fear of getting uncomfortable, do something wrong, get rejected, or any other doubt you can think. 

So, procrastination can destroy all your plans.

Motivated people follow their desire to reach their goals. Their desire becomes a priority, so their fears are not relevant. 

This mindset can help them to start and complete every difficult task in front of them without any waste of time.

7. Motivation Builds Your Courage

7. Motivation Builds Your Courage​

Courage determines your ability to take risks and handle difficult projects. Anything that gets you out of the comfort zone requires courage. 

Entrepreneurs need the courage to handle different tasks daily. If you want to make a few phone calls to potential prospects, it takes courage because you may get rejected. 

Your fears hold you back.

If you are motivated to reach a goal, you have more chances to take a risk. 

Again, your fears are not so important as your desires if you are in a state of motivation. 

The best part is that courage is a habit. If you get comfortable to get out of the comfort zone, you will become unstoppable in every part of your life.

8. Motivation Helps You Go Through Setbacks

Setbacks are a problem for most businesses. 

Hard workers and determined entrepreneurs can doubt themselves in times of crisis. 

Your ability to continue after a big failure will determine your future in a particular business. 

Motivation can save you here as well.

When your goals are more important than the fear of failure and criticism, you can keep moving forward. 

Motivation is more needed on difficult times than the easy ones. Most entrepreneurs have failed at least once in their life. 

The reason why they are still entrepreneurs is that they had more motivation to continue than to give up.

9. Motivation Builds Healthy Habits

Motivation Builds Healthy Habits

There are many types of habits. They have to do with actions, emotions, people, and anything that affect your life. 

Motivation will make you wake up in the morning to build your business. It can help you to go after every potential customer. 

Also, it builds your courage and determination as it is mentioned above.

Motivation must keep for a while until these things become habits that will keep you excited with your goals for years. 

Unfortunately, many people keep doing the wrong things because they can’t find a reason to change.

How To Become More Motivated

Many people complain that they can’t get motivated. 

Usually, this is an excuse to stay at the same place physically and emotionally. 

Even if you give them some tips, they will say that they are not motivated to apply them. 

We can’t help these guys.

However, for those who really want to change something, have more energy, and start doing things, here are some simple ways to become more motivated instantly.

1. Move

The good news is that you can change your emotions by changing your physiology. Your mind gets signals from your body language all the time.

Do you feel sleepy when you do push-ups? 
Do you feel depressed when you laugh?

The answer to these questions is obvious. 

If you want to get rid of your unmotivated state, you need to move. 

You can go for a walk, run, exercise, or just sit and talk with some friends that make you smile. 

Anything that will change your physiology can help you. 

Physiology can be your facial expressions, the way you sit in a chair, your heart rate, your blood pressure, and more. 

You can change everything instantly by moving.

2. Review Your Goals

Many motivational speakers suggest reviewing our goals. 

The classic book Think And Grow Rich of Napoleon Hill recommends to have a card with a goal in your pocket every day and review it regularly.

Other people suggest a dream book that you will write all your dreams, vision board that will include pictures of your goal, and ways to put yourself in your goals physically.

All these tricks help us to memorize our goals and feel comfortable with them. 

If you can answer what you want without hesitation, you know what you want. 

If you hesitate, you need to keep reviewing your goals. 

Knowing your goals will make you go for them.

3. Visualization

It is the process of creating mental images.

Visualization is suggested as a trick to feel good and motivate yourself. 

For example, you will feel relaxed if you see yourself at a beach enjoying the day.

If the goal is to motivate yourself for business, you can visualize yourself closing the deal you want or get congratulations from friends for your achievements. 

You need to feel good when you create these mental images. 

It is a process that will increase your motivation over time, but it makes you feel better instantly.

4. Take The First Step

The first step is always the harder one. 

Once you take action, you will feel more motivated to continue. 

When you take the first step, you change your physiology by taking action, stop procrastinating, and you create a small momentum that will be enough to continue. 

The more difficult the task you have in front of you, the more important it is to take the first step.

Create Rewards

You need to figure out rewards that will make you feel better each time you complete a small task. 

So, break every complicated problem into small steps and start with the first one. 

The rewards can be something super simple like saying to yourself “good job” or allow yourself to relax for a few minutes. 

It is important to feel fulfilled for your work, and you really deserve it.

Talk To Someone That Will Push You

Sometimes you don’t need a motivational speech from a world-class speaker. 

You may need a push from someone that will not tolerate your excuses. 

The truth is that if you have to do something but can’t motivate yourself, you make excuses on why you don’t work. 

So, make a call to someone who already does the work or will keep you accountable.

There are many types of people that can motivate us. 

You may need to talk to kids to remember why you need to reach your goals. 

It can be your spouse or a parent that will tell you the right things. 

Also, finding motivated role models can definitely boost your motivation for a long time.


Motivation is an important part of our mindset. 

It can make us get out of the bed in the morning, help someone, do our work, and achieve our goals. 

Unmotivated people tend to fail in whatever they do. In most cases, they don’t finish what they start.

So, find things that motivate you and move forward every day. 

These things are not the same for everyone, and you need to do your own research. 

It is ok to have bad days because everyone has ups and downs, but you need to get up every time.

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